Work in progress

I know, A work in progress page is an annoying habit of the first internet. Into the 2.0 age this kind of pages shoud be have extinct by a lot of time as they deserve. Nonethless I've settled to employ my spare time to improve the plugin other than its presentation. Eineki


Formwizard Reference

FormWizard is a class that mutates a form into a wizard. Once it is applied to its target, the user will be presented with a series of pages making the process of fill a complex form easiest.

In the form, the different pages are defined by grouping the controls and the widgets they need into a fieldset or similar container.

FormWizard doesn't make any assumption on business rules or presentation1. It limit itself to manage the page switch, providing appropiate hooks, and inject, if required to do so, a container with the controls needed to move from a step to the next one.