Work in progress

I know, A work in progress page is an annoying habit of the first internet. Into the 2.0 age this kind of pages shoud be have extinct by a lot of time as they deserve. Nonethless I've settled to employ my spare time to improve the plugin other than its presentation. Eineki


On Formwizard

Formwizard is a simple mootools plugin that convert a form in a control similar to the wizard widget that were so popular in the nineties of the past century.

The idea is quite simple: If you ask your users to complete a long or difficult task, you can obtain better results by splitting the needed input controls on several "pages".

You can resort to simple html and show to the user a number of forms carrying with you the previous input values (http is a stateless protocol) or format the form into a single long page and let the user scroll his way beetween the control.

The first approach needs a lot of coding (ok, maybe not a lot, let's say some) the second can render your page cluttered. Using FormWizard you can have the best of the two approach: a single form (with javascript check for invalid input on switch between pages) and a visual appearance similar to the multi http pages, without the lag tipical of this approach and without the hassle to maintain the status while the user visit and fills the pages representig the various steps of the process to complete.

I tried a lot to make the code flexible and inobstrusive following the mootools coding style but my proficience is limited (at least as my toefl english level) and, as the code is in continuous development, suggestions and criticisms are welcome.

FormWizard hands on

The use of the plugin is straightforward:

You can use different kinds of containers but, as the name of the plugin suggests form and fieldset are the preferred ones.

You have to skin your form. I will work on some precooked styles in the future, maybe a distant future. It is a promise. You don't have to take it seriously but it is still a promise.

In the meantime you may wanto to look to a series of examples to learn how to use this plugin.