Form wizard


FormWizard: CSS skin.

Let's take the previous example. With minimal changes to the javascript code and html structure we will try to give him a new look.

We will wipe out the control area at the bottom and skin the buttons in order to mold them into the wizard frame.

The code

This time we will use quite the same code of the previous example. Even the html structure is the same. We will change just the css and set the property showControlCaptions to false to hide the uhm... caption of the controls.

new FormWizard('contactForm', {"createControlArea": true, "showControlCaptions": false }, { ... });

Press this button to see it at work:

You should also feel free to peruse the css used to style the wizard.

The Form

Contact Data

Insert your email and let me send you a ton of spam. You can change idea later in the submission process. Sure, I swear.

Beware - Hic sunt leones

Maybe in this page there is something annoying to people not used to think to an animal being as a source of food or fabric, and we don't want to harm them.

Time to input a complicate message

Insert your message below


Your mail is and the message you filed is

You can go back and change the previously inputed datas or press the submit button to send your data to the nearest black hole.

Obviously, the widget contained in the several pages of the wizard can be scripted as usual as you will see to the fifth example